The step-by-step blueprint to building your real estate empire

Learn the 5 real estate investing strategies that will help you build the real estate portfolio you have always dreamed of without risking all of your money!

Book Features

Investing Based on Your Risk Profile

Fear of loss is one of the main factors that prevents people from investing in real estate. Using the risk-based investing strategies in this book will teach you how you can start growing your assets while minimizing your risk of losses. Learn what level of risk suits you best and start investing today.

5 Proven Investment Strategies

Applying techniques used in commercial real estate can help you build a residential real estate portfolio unlike any other. The strategies in this book have been proven to work on both commercial and residential properties. Use the same strategies that Lee James used to build his successful real estate businesses.

Sourcing & Executing Your Deals

The home search and buying process can be daunting for first time investors. Lee takes you through the entire process step-by-step teaching you tricks of the trade to make every transaction as smooth as possible. Learn the full real estate development process from A to Z and start managing your first real estate deals today.

About The author

Lee James

Lee James is a real estate professional based in the United States. His experience comes across a variety of areas of residential and commercial real estate, in a vast array of functions. Currently, Mr. James is working as a commercial developer pursuing multi-million dollar retail developments across the United States. Mr. James is a partner in a commercial real estate brokerage firm specializing in value-add and opportunistic investments. He also owns a portfolio of multiunit homes across the Northeast.

Previously, Mr. James managed real estate teams within large, national retailers. He has experience working with teams in real estate development, asset management, portfolio management, leasing and lease administration functions.